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Work Life favorite_border

How happy were you with your job this year?

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Personal Life star_border

How fulfilling were your relationships?

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Health change_history

Have you been taking care of your health?

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Wealth my_location

How elating is your bank balance?

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Social trending_up

How often do you socialize?

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Your Result:

Treat this result as your wake-up call? Did you choose to be unhappy or it just happened? There is a whole world of things, go out and pick your delight.

Something is amiss, won’t you agree. You are missing out on a lot of things in life. It’s time you do something about it.

What is keeping you from going all in? your result is encouraging but I bet you can do better and c’mon, you deserve it. Do something about it.

WOW- you had an incredible year. We wish you more joy and jolly for the next. Keep kicking.

Dude, you nailed it. How about giving others a reason to smile? You are a pro, just spread your effervescence around.

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